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Looking on the Bright Side

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Just when you think you have one bright spot on your team that shows consistency week in and week out, that one spot comes in and – pun intended – kicks you when you’re down. Yes, of course we are talking about kicker Dan Carpenter here. The same Dan Carpenter who has played like a Pro Bowler all season, except of course on Sunday, when he missed four field goal attempts, the last of which sealed Miami’s loss at home to the Buffalo Bills.

Not that I am blaming Dan Carpenter for the ‘L’ last weekend – that is far from the truth. The truth, however, is that the offense in total just hasn’t been able to click on all cylinders all season long, and that was painfully on display this Sunday as well. You can blame the coaching staff and offensive coordinator, you can blame the QB, you can blame the receivers or the running game that never took off – or you could lay a little blame on all of the above, which is probably more accurate and what led to a disappointing season for the Dolphins in South Florida.

However, on the bright side, Miami can look at their season and see the bright spots that have shown through. While Carpenter might have had an off night in Week 15, he had many, many weeks in the spotlight, and many games where he literally carried the scoring load for the whole squad. He certainly played a large part in the Fins’ sparkling 6-1 road record, and he has proven probably more than anyone on the whole team that he belongs there.

What’s sad for Miami is that Carpenter, along with guys like Cameron Wake on the defense, has been overshadowed this year by the story that has captivated many fans and media members alike this whole campaign – the lack of the offense and the ever-changing face of the Miami quarterback. It’s possibly even more sad that if Miami could have gone even just .500 at home, they would be sitting in a position to go to the postseason – and again, that’s just .500. We’re talking 4-4 here; but instead, the Fins come into the final week of their home slate with a 1-6 record in Sun Life Stadium and unfortunately no hopes of making it past their last two regular season games.

But again, looking at the bright side of the picture, Miami has a chance this Sunday to send their fans a message – that they haven’t given up, and that there are indeed bright spots on this team. With the Detroit Lions coming to town, it may be their best chance all year to send just that very message. Will you be there to see the last game of the 2010 season? If not, check out, your source for the last-minute Christmas gifts on your list, such as Miami Dolphins tickets and Miami Dolphins VIP tickets and tailgate packages!